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Cynnabar Fight Song

This weekend at Cynnabar fighter practice (a “Kill and Grill”) we learned the new lyrics to the Cynnabar Fight Song, as follows:



Go forth and fight for Cynnabar

Beneath the dragon’s wing

Go forth and fight for Cynnabar

For baron and for king!

Very easy to remember and quite epic! To help me remember it, and hopefully learn the rest of the fight song, I recorded it. Here’s several of Cynnabar’s talented musicians teaching us and performing the song:


Here are the lyrics in full:

A New Cynnabar-Style Song for Fighting
(To the tune of ‘Nonesuch’)

Red Black and White our colors fly
So proud upon our tower
They show to all who fight with us
Our courage and our valor

Go Forth and Fight for Cynnabar
Beneath the Dragon’s Wing
Go Forth and Fight for Cynnabar
For Baron and For King

Our mighty giant elephant
strikes terror in our foes
Impaling knaves upon his tusks
Their meat shall feed the crows


Our sweet saint Cynnabarius
Does bless our shining steel
His relics we will bear on high
To force our foes to kneel


Our fortress shall protect the land
No rogue nor cur admit
Our Barony is great and true
It never will submit


The Dragon’s blood runs through our veins
As hot as any fire
The tide of blood left in our wake
Is rising ever higher


Approval was obtained from each of the five musicians recorded in this video (thank you!)

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  1. I LOVE this thanks for posting! I’ve watched it 3 times already. 🙂

  2. Genoveva von Lübeck

    You’re welcome! I had fun putting the lyrics in. 🙂

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