What is Honor Before Victory?

“Honor Before Victory”

Sounds epic, doesn’t it? But what does it truly mean?

“Honor Before Victory” is a goal, an ideal, a virtue that both Gregor and I seek to achieve on a daily basis, both in and out of the SCA. We put honesty and integrity over a win, be it on the battlefield, in a competition, during an argument, or in our daily efforts. It is more important to us to accept an honorable, if disappointing, defeat than it is to take a glorious, but tainted, victory.

Our definition of honor includes courtesy, generosity, loyalty, respect, excellence, courage, and nobility. We do not claim to have mastered each of these values in every situation. Rather, we strive to attain them in all that we do. We may come close, or fall short, but we shall not give up.

“For honour is more worth than gold or syluer withoute any comaryson.” Raymon Lull, The Order of Chivalry – 13th Century

This site is a chronicle of our efforts to practice “Honor Before Victory” through our projects, events, and endeavors in the SCA.

Genoveva and Gregor

Gregor and Genoveva


3 Comments to “What is Honor Before Victory?”

  1. Hi Genoveva and Gregor,
    Genoveva, to let you know as a courtesy, I have written an extensive blog post on the practical issues of Plaited Braid Stitch. It makes several references to your tutorial via links. Our posts overlap somewhat, and I mention this. (You are well and truly acknowledged, don’t worry!). It will be appearing on my blog http://elmsleyrose.blogspot.com.au/ within a week – it’s being proofread at the moment.

  2. Good Morning Genoveva and Gregor,

    First – love the site! Very awesome!
    Second – could we please have permission to use your “Brave” flyers for the event Better War through Archery that Sternfield is hosting on March 1st?

    Best Regards

    • Genoveva von Lübeck

      Hadley, I am so sorry for the delay of this reply — I get too many junk messages and it’s hard to keep the bad out and the good in. But for you, and any other SCA person who comes along and wishes to use the Brave flyers, you have our permission. In the future, feel free to e-mail me for a much faster response at genoveva.von.lubeck (at) gmail [dot] com.

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