Heavy Weapons

We Have a New Rattan Stave!

5 June 2011

A 9-foot-long rattan stave

Look at that thing! It’s very long … I wonder how many swords Gregor can get out of this.

This appears to be a great piece of rattan — dense, straight, smooth, and uniform in diameter. (At least, that is what swordbrother.com defines as a good piece of rattan for an SCA weapon, and they know considerably more than I!) Here’s what the site says about choosing rattan:

You want a smooth stick of rattan because imperfections are weak spots. A piece of rattan that has a ridge along one of its segments should not be bought, in my opinion, because that ridge will cause some problems when it hits an opponent or a shield. It will channel more energy into your opponent in a focused edge, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid by using rattan in the first place. Also, when you hit a shield, or other non-yielding object with that ridge, you will transmit all your energy back into that edge, which will lead to a much shorter lived stick.

Many thanks to Lord Jason Irenfest for purchasing this for us at the Midrealm Crown Tourney!