Silk Painting

A Silken Standard!

5 July 2011

What is a medieval encampment without proud colors to fly over it? I’m to paint a pair of silken standards for Genoveva and myself and today finished a cheap “stretch-frame” so that I may begin painting this Thursday ( July 7th ). The frame is made out of 3/4″ PVC, 20 large binder clips, and lots of rubber bands… quick.. simple…cheap ( $12.00 ). Plus I can always spend another dollar and re-size the frame for other projects in the future. This will be my first attempt at anything even remotely like this and I look forward to the experience.

Note: It may look uneven now… but that’s just because I only put it together temperately for a few quick pictures (before the rains come’ith!)

Silk Standard on a Stretcher

The binder clips keep it secure

Many thanks to my good friends Charles and Kathy for the idea!