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Sabatons: Redux!

My sabaton project rolls along. Some may notice that my patterns have changed, This is because once I actually starting working with the steel, my mind became flooded with all the possibilities and I chose to pursue them. Thus, the patterns that were once fairly simple have begun to take on the flavor of true medieval Gothic style. One of the first choices I made was to adopt a wavy pattern atop the individual lames. The second was what to do with the fluting (raised channel) — I decided that since this was my first attempt at armor that a single channel up the center was called for.

Master William the Sinister has been dedicating his time in assisting me, to which I’m very grateful. An experienced armorer at your side is surely more of an impact than the most precise hammer at the anvil.

The next step is cleaning up the plates so I can focus on assembly. I’ll be using brass rivets to attach each of the individual pieces, with the exception of the heel which gets attached via leather (or perhaps hinge?). I’m very pleased with the project so far (especially since I have spent $0.00 *laughs*). I look forward to posting the finished project this Friday.

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