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More Thoughts on the Flemish Gown: Colors and Variations

Thanks to the kind feedback at sca-garb, I am now feeling excited about making the linen Flemish Gown and excited about what I can do with it! If I make three complete reversible gowns and a few accessories, all in carefully chosen colors, I can actually get like 30 outfits out of it … maybe more, I didn’t keep going with all the permutations. Here’s what I have in mind right now — the color square next to each gown under the Basic Wardrobe is the reverse side of the overdress, and the accessories include two sets of tie-on sleeves, two partlets, and one apron.

I would like to put guarding on the bottom of the red kirtle, to give it a different look. I could also trim some of the other kirtles in various ways to dress them up a bit. I think this is really wonderful, and I can’t wait to get started! I think I will begin with the first outfit shown at the top, and have that ready for the Saline Celtic Festival demo in 10 days. I already have the linen I need in dark green, white, and gold — and I have extra white linen I can try to dye light green. Think I can do it?


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  1. I’m curious, did you ever make any progress with this project? I’ve always found this picture to be so inspirational when I stumble on it here and there around the interwebs.

  2. Valerie Darsigny

    Hi, I am also curious if you did it or not? your idea is fabulous but if you did it could you post actual pictures of what you did? Thank you so much

    • Genoveva von Lübeck

      I did make three underdresses (all reversible), but I made only one overdress simply because I ran out of time. But that gave me a LOT of different outfits. Here is a photo of my favorite combination:
      Flemish Gown

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