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Encamped at Pennsic: Rainy Days, Shopping Sprees, and Quiet Nights

We did it — we made it to Pennsic, got everything setup, and have begun to enjoy all our hard work in preparing for this event. I am currently back at home, as I am returning my son back home for his birthday party tomorrow. I’ll return sans kid tomorrow or Sunday for war week at Pennsic. Gregor is still at Pennsic, holding down the pavilion! At least I think he is — without his cell phone, we can’t keep in touch. I look forward to returning to him as soon as I can.

Setting up our encampment wasn’t really fun, to be honest. We arrived at 5:30 pm and it got dark pretty fast. Especially when we learned we had to move our pavilion after we had it set up already (there needed to be a walkway beside our tent but we hadn’t been told until after the pavilion went up). Then it began to sprinkle. So once the pavilion was set up, we moved on to putting the bed together … only to discover the bed had been packaged without its hardware. Ugh. We dragged everything in from the rain and slept on our futon and air mattress. It rained hard during the night. When we woke, we discovered water all around the inside edges of the pavilion. The carpet was wet, the futon was wet, almost everything was either damp or wet. We hadn’t realized we had to put the tent OVER the mud flaps. It seems so obvious now, but we were very tired when we arrived, and it was dark and wet!

The next day (Thursday) we went to get food at the Wal-Mart then drove to IKEA in Pittsburgh to get the hardware for the bed. Turns out they didn’t have all the hardware, so we just bought a new $50 bed. But … it was worth it. I should be able to return the bad bed later after Pennsic. For now we do have a bed and it’s very nice not to sleep on the ground!

We also set up our homemade shade fly on Thursday — it’s just two canvas dropcloths sewn together, grommetted, and held up on poles with ropes. It’s working, and keeping the sun off us. And it was a little windy yesterday and survived. But I am worry what will happen if it rains. A proper shade fly is on the list of things we need for next time!

The camp chairs, table, and benches I made are all working great. I’m very pleased I took the time to make them! They aren’t amazing works of art, but they are sturdy and functional, and that makes me a happy camper.

It seems like it took us the better part of two days to setup, but really it was probably more like a day and a half. Let’s hope we do better next time! Everyone was tired and grumpy by the end of it. But … it was worth it. The encampment is now setup and looks great. I look forward to returning to it!

There’s so much more to write, but I need to do laundry and see if I can’t sew a few things before I return tomorrow. So watch for more of our report on Pennsic when we return! In the meantime, here are some of the photos I’ve taken so far…

Finding Camp Cynnabar at Pennsic ... this is the signpost at the end of our road.

My son Alexander walks (runs?) toward the Gates of Camp Cynnabar at Pennsic!

Gregor stands in front of Camp Cynnabar's gates at Pennsic.

Our encampment within Camp Cynnabar at Pennsic. Gregor is painting his shield here.

The silk standard Gregor painted (dyed?) for me at our encampment. You can see the Cynnabar gates behind it!

Our camp chairs at Pennsic ... so happy I made these! It's great to have a nice place to sit.

Our trestle table and benches at Pennsic. Also very handy!

A look down one of the rows to tents at Camp Cynnabar!

Camp Cynnabar's common tent and firepit. You can see the kitchen tent behind them.

My little pirate at Pennsic!

Our encampment at twilight, taken from inside our pavilion looking out. I was putting Alexander to sleep when I snapped this shot. I love this photo!

Shopping at Pennsic

About to eat an epic sandwich in the food court at Pennsic


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    We are so happy all of you have joined our group. You have so much to offer us and hopefully we will be able to offer you help with new adventures you want to try.


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