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Demo Tip Cards for SCA Chatelaines

This weekend I organized a demo that involved 24 members of my Barony and countless members of the public. To support those helping at the demo, I made these simple “Everyone is a Chatelaine” cards, which I handed to each person as they signed in for the day. On one side are helpful reminders on how to interact with the public and potential new members, and on the other side is a list of days and dates so they can easily suggest a meeting, workshop, or practice to attend. This schedule side could also have been used as a schedule of the day’s events. I thought they were helpful, so I’m sharing them here for other chatelaines — here’s a fillable PDF you can use to personalize the cards for your own group: Everyone-Is-A-Chatelaine-Fillablephoto(201)

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  1. Flora de Bayeaux

    This is great! Thanks for sharing!

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