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“Brave” and New Member Recruitment for the SCA!

The new “Brave” movie by Disney/Pixar is coming out tomorrow on Friday, June 22. The movie takes place in 10th century Scotland and features a skilled archer named “Merida.” By all preliminary accounts, this is going to be a great movie — it already has a 78% fresh rating from RottenTomatoes.com and it’s generating a lot of buzz for it’s excellent attention to detail in accurate archery, beautiful music, great storytelling, and so on. And while it is a computer-animated movie, I know from experience that this sort of movie appeals to adults as well as kids, and geeky adults at that … I saw movies like this, as an adult, long before I had my son. I think the demographic is particularly good here for getting “Brave” movie-goers interested in the SCA!

So how to do it? My thought is to have a bunch of our local members meet up, wearing GARB, and watch “Brave” together. It would be a fun group activity AND we’d get people asking about who we are and what we do, generating interest and excitement for SCA. I’ve already spoken to our local movie theater about having a table in their lobby, and they’ve agreed … and they are giving us some free movie tickets! So we’ll be hanging out in the lobby in the afternoon, then all seeing the movie together for the 7:00 pm showing. Should be lots of fun! And perhaps we’ll interest some people in our wonderful organization.

To prepare for our excursion to the movie theater, I’ve created two flyers specific to “Brave.” I offer them both to anyone within the SCA who would like to use them for recruitment purposes. Both are in PDF format and are “fillable,” meaning you can replace the paragraph at the bottom with information about your local group. I’ve also created artwork for the flyers, and I’ve Creative Release Form giving anyone in the SCA permission to publish it in any SCA publication, including print, web, and electronic. It’s just a simple drawing of two archers in the style of the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry — the one of the left is a true representation of an archer in the tapestry, but the one on the left is my artistic representation of a red-haired girl in a blue dress, who may or may not look like Merida!

Archers inspired by those in the Bayeux Tapestry

Here are the two flyers — click the images to download the fillable PDFs:

If you use these, I’d love to hear how they worked for you.

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  1. Genoveva von Lübeck

    UPDATE: Yesterday’s little demo at the movie theater for the opening weekend of “Brave” was a success! We distributed nearly 100 Cynnabar brochures, 50 Brave-specific flyers, and 50 Brave coloring pages (with the Cynnabar info at bottom, of course). I also collected information for a number of people who want us to contact them, and I saw plenty of genuine interest, including some people who’d heard of the SCA before and just hadn’t taken the leap.

    My most sincere gratitude to the many people who helped yesterday: Gregor, Alexander, Godaeth, Dillon, Brigitta, Johannes, Rebekah, Ermenrich, Josseline, Ceara, Claire, AnneMarie, and Dag for coming out early to help us at our demo table! And a special thank you to Benedicta, Sahla, Lutr, Simone, Adler, and their two sons for joining us to see “Brave” in the evening. Thank you all for helping Cynnabar and for supporting me in one of my first forays as a chatelaine.

    Oh, and the movie was great, too!

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