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Attack of the Drawstring Pants

Today’s Garb-A-Day project is a pair of drawstring pants for Gregor. After looking at a lot of different methods to make these online, I settled on what appeared to be simple directions from DawnPages. I made the pants out of a simple brown twill, hemmed and French seamed it all. Then I tried them on. Now let me preface this by saying I am shorter and smaller than Gregor, but …. goodness, these pants are huge! I followed the directions, I swear I did. I even tapered the leg a bit. All I can do is hope they work better for Gregor. They are definitely very roomy! But I’m making him try these on before I make him any more!

“Do these pants make me look big?”

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  1. *grin* Guess what I usually use for drawstring pants when some guy asks me for some “faire pants”? One of the Simplicity pajama patterns! It’s meant for men and boys, and has a perfectly good pair of pants, and one can put a drawstring in the waist (and ankles, if one prefers). They’ve been good every time I’ve made them!

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