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Pennsic or Bust: Status of Projects and Packing

The last few days have been CRAZY. Very busy and exhausting. Here’s a quick recap:

1. Shield — It worked! We strapped three layers of hardwood plywood around the tree in the front yard. We left it strapped on the tree for over two days. Took it down and Gregor shaped and sanded it, put an old garden hose around the edge, and canvas over and around the shield, securing it with parachute cord. It looks good. He just needs to attach the basket and strap. He’ll paint it at Pennsic.

2. Stick — Gregor has a new weapon cut from the rattan stave I got a while back. It’s just missing its thrusting tip — maybe he can pick one up at Pennsic.

3. Shade Fly — It’s kind of working. We put it up, and it stayed and looked good. But then we tried to test it out with a little rain (water from the sprinkler) and the canvas leaked badly (of course). So we got some waterproofing spray and we’re also shortening the legs a bit to make a steeper slope on the roof. Also, the grommets in the canvas are already ripping after just being up for 12 hours, so those need to be reinforced. I’m not sure how well this is going to work — if it rains or the wind is bad, it may have to be taken down. I don’t actually want the shade fly to be water proof — I just don’t want it to fall down because it is collecting water! 🙁

4. Sewing — Gregor’s Elizabethan shirt is mostly done and my dresses are done. The only things left to do are eyelets — lots of eyelets (doublet, shirt, two dresses, and two sets of sleeves). But I can do those at Pennsic, right? -crazy laugh-

5. Camp Furniture — Got the $50 wood bed from IKEA. Love the small packaging. The chairs, benches, and tables are ready to go.

So at this point, what’s left is packing. We’re going to work on it this evening, and finish up whatever is necessary in the morning.

Oh, one other little tidbit — Gregor’s cell phone “shuffled off this mortal coil.” Yeah, it died. (Charles, if you’re reading this, please post a reply to this post with your phone number so Gregor can call you — your post won’t be made public.)

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  1. sounds like your having fun!

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