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Fun with Norse/Viking Embroidery

6 September 2013

I’m preparing to attend Vikings Come Home on September 14 and we’re making our first, non-German garb. So what did I start with? The hat, of course! But just sewing stuff isn’t enough for me, oh no. I had to go and embroidery it, too. It’s so FUN to embroidery these stitches like herringbone, stem stitch, and chain stitch (all stitches known to exist on Norse era clothing). I have more to do, but I wanted to record my work so far:

Double herringbone stitch on a linen cap

The first image shows a double herringbone stitch, which I made using plain old DMC cotton floss (size 5). I’ve never worked with thread so large before (most of my blackwork is a single silk thread), so it goes very fast and is very satisfying.

Sleipner Norse Horse in Stem Stitch and Chain Stitch

This is Sleipner, Odin’s eight-legged horse done in stem stitch (horse body) and chain stitch (insides of the tail). Same color threads as the cap. Lovely autumn colors. The horse motif will go around the color of Gregor’s tunic, which is a dark red color that matches the dark red embroidery thread.

How to do the stem stitch

How to do the chain stitch

It goes really quite quick. I did the horse and the tail you see in a day and a half.

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