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A Pint-Sized Gothic Chair

So after I made my Gothic Chair for camping, my son asked for one of his own. And it’s a good idea, because if he doesn’t have a chair, I’ll be constantly shooing him out of mine. So I made him one, but sized it down for him. It’s four inches shorter and two inches narrower. Here’s what it looks like so far…


Pint-Sized Gothic Chair

My son designed the backrest with the three circles and curved-top panels — I like how it looks similar but different from the other one. What’s left to do? Cut out the designs in the sides, woodburn a diamond symbol (my son’s choice) in the top circle, sand everything, and stain it. And I also have to do the same to my own.

Oh! And my son asked for, get this, a cupholder. I’m thinking about that one.

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