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Our Cooler Cooler: How We Turned a Boring, Mundane Cooler Into an Old Treasure Chest

6 June 2011

In preparing for Pennsic, I know we want to bring a cooler. Gregor will be fighting hard, it will be hot, and it would be good to have a cold drink or two. But a cooler? How mundane is that?! So I set out to look for ideas on bringing a cooler to Pennsic. Here’s what I found:

  • Hide the cooler in the tent
  • Throw a blanket or rug over the cooler
  • Make a wood box and put the cooler in it (i.e., Medieval Cooler Chests)
  • Buy a fancy, expensive, wooden cooler (i.e., Cowboy Country Coolers)
  • Change the outside of the cooler so it wouldn’t stand out

My Old Red Cooler

The last idea fascinated me, and I discovered this link on Making a Cooler Cooler by Ceallach mac Donal. I loved his idea of decoupaging his cooler, so I set out to try it with my old, bright red cooler. It was pretty simple but still quite functional, so it seemed like the perfect guinea pig for this idea.

Next I needed to gather the supplies, and luckily I had several at home already. Here’s my list of what was needed for this project:

Things I used to transform my cooler