Gregor Reinhardt: An Introduction

5 June 2011

Gregory Reinhardt von Holstein

Gregor Reinhardt

A persona set in the 1400s – A toast to the medieval German fighting man. I have adopted this persona to attempt to get a glimpse into what is was and how it felt to live in the time of kings and castles. Over the next many months I shall be writing various articles relating to the medieval man-at-arms. This will include articles on medieval combat (S.C.A. as well as historic) armor working, matters of honor, and medieval life. This blog will grant me the opportunity to share my various projects with anyone interested – projects that will be focused on doing things as historic as possible without sacrificing the safety of myself and others… nor the common sense and practicality that modern materials provide.

Stay tuned…


We Have a New Rattan Stave!

5 June 2011

A 9-foot-long rattan stave

Look at that thing! It’s very long … I wonder how many swords Gregor can get out of this.

This appears to be a great piece of rattan — dense, straight, smooth, and uniform in diameter. (At least, that is what defines as a good piece of rattan for an SCA weapon, and they know considerably more than I!) Here’s what the site says about choosing rattan:

You want a smooth stick of rattan because imperfections are weak spots. A piece of rattan that has a ridge along one of its segments should not be bought, in my opinion, because that ridge will cause some problems when it hits an opponent or a shield. It will channel more energy into your opponent in a focused edge, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid by using rattan in the first place. Also, when you hit a shield, or other non-yielding object with that ridge, you will transmit all your energy back into that edge, which will lead to a much shorter lived stick.

Many thanks to Lord Jason Irenfest for purchasing this for us at the Midrealm Crown Tourney!


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